Have Smartphones, in your pockets, replaced PC or laptop?

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Have Smartphones, in your pockets, replaced PC or laptop?

Today, mass around the world, are having Smart phones in their pockets but also have Personal Computers (PC) or laptops at their homes. Why they are using both smart phones and laptops?
When smart phones were launched by the marketers, they presented it as a Mini Computers in the pockets. Are these Smart phones proving itselves as mini computer or these were just hyped by the seller that these would replace the PCs or laptops?

To have this question answered. Let’s have a comparison between Smart phones and PCs or Laptops.


Smart phones Personal Computer or Laptop
Smart phones have limited screen size. It is sized range is 2.8 to 4.8’’and it can be 10’’ but then it is equivalent to tablets. This limited size often cause problems when we are browsing. Personal Computers and laptops have standard size that start from 15’’ and till 17”. This big screen size helps us in browsing any kind of data.
These have limited storage capacity. Its built in memory storage can be 64GB at most, but if we want to have more capacity then we have to add a chip of memory that also has limited size. These have built in 1Tb memory storage capacity and its capacity can be increased as much level as you want. These don’t have limitation in memory capacity.
Keyboards on smart phones are not easy to use. These cannot provide you the convenience and speed in typing. Keyboard of PCs or Laptops are quite easy to use. These are designed to provide you the ease and speed in typing task.
Smart phones cannot support many softwares’ like soft wares for video editing, image editing for instance adobe photoshop. These are highly supported in these areas of interest. These not only run those soft wares in fact create an amazing user interface.
IOS and Android operating system are run on these phones and they are not fully featured. Windows’ operating systems are fully featured and these stimulate many softwares and hardware at a time.
Smart phones’ connectivity is relying off to Wi-Fi connection devices t to connect with internet. PCs or Laptops are not relying off any particular connection devices. We can use usb, cable or Wi-Fi device in order to connect with internet.

So to conclude, smartphones are not able to replace the PCs or Laptops. But due to portability and convenience, these are great to get touch in with your friend, family and partners. Nevertheless, in order to make out many tasks, you will need Personal Computers or Laptops.

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