Top Mobile Phone Brands in Pakistan

Top Mobile Phone Brands in Pakistan

mobile brands in Pakistan

There are so many mobile phone brands available in Pakistan, that are doing business very well. But some of them are top selling mobile phone brands in Pakistani market. This is the era of technology, therefore, people wants to experience better quality of product and amazing features. Therefore, according to the most selling ratios and performances, we bring out some top mobile phone brands in Pakistan. Let’s have a look.


QMobile is one of the largest mobile phone brands in Pakistan. It was launched in 2009, as a local mobile phone company. But it made its mark in the market with so many big brands in a very short span of time. The mastermind behind the success of this local mobile phone company, Mr. Mian Zeeshan Akhtar, he is the Chairman and CEO of QMobile. In Pakistan, QMobile has earned the second largest selling mobile phone brand. Qmobile is a Karachi based company, but its manufacturing plant is in China. QMobile provides what its customer wants from it, best features in low price.

Samsung Mobiles

Samsung Mobiles are one of the best brands in the world and it is in the top mobile phone brands in Pakistan. Samsung company was founded by Mr. Lee Byung-Chul as a trading company in the year of 1938. Samsung cam in the field of electronics in 1060s. Samsung is a “Korean Hanja” word which means ‘Three Stars or Tri Stars’. Samsung has a great market value in Pakistan. People love to buy its mobiles and tablets, because of the best hardware and software technologies and features. Samsung is not only top mobile phone brand in Pakistan, but also in all over the world.


Nokia is one of the famous and largest selling mobile brands in Pakistan. Nokia started its journey in 1865 as a ground wood pulp mill established by Mr. Fredrik Idestam in southwestern Finland. After a long journey with so many changes, it became a popular brand of information technology named as Nokia. Nokia launched a mobile set Nokia 3310 in 2000, which got so much fame. Now it has a huge market value in mobile phones all over the world. In Pakistan, Nokia is recognized because of its durability of body and battery. It is one of the most trustworthy mobile phone brand in Pakistan.


Lenovo is one of the best mobile phones in Pakistan, according to its performance, selling and customers and experts reviews. Lenovo has a big history behind it, but it came on the market as named Lenovo in 2004. Lenovo introduced as a Chinese PC innovation organization and then it started making mobile phones also. Lenovo mobile phones have a good market place in Pakistan. It has great software, hardware and other features. Lenovo is not only famous in Pakistan, it has a great recognition all across the globe. Therefore, it is included in the top mobile phone brands in Pakistan.


Huawei is a Chinese Telecommunications Company, which was founded in 1987 by Mr. Ren Zhengfei. This company is now 25 years old and has earned significant success. Now it has over 170000 employees. Huawei has produced fabulous smartphones, tablets, watches, mobile broadband, smart home and other accessories. It is also in the list of top mobile phone brands in Pakistan. It has earned so much trust and popularity because of its products best performances. Huawei has great recognition and reputation all across the globe. Experience this fantastic brand you will surely get impress.

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